Dentures are false teeth that fit over the gums and replace missing crowns. Commonly, we associate dentures with age. It is true that once you reach a certain age, your chances of keeping all your teeth become somewhat limited. However, age isn’t the only reason why you might need dentures. Dentures could be necessary if you have lost one or several teeth due to tooth decay.

Losing teeth leaves holes, and this can be problematic for a few reasons. First, it may mean that the teeth that are left grow can move out of alignment, jutting out at angles and damaging other teeth. Second, it can lead to issues with both speech and chewing, which is turn means more discomfort for the patient. For this reason, our dentists often recommend that the gaps are filled in as quickly as possible. Dentures are a removable solution to this problem. Drs. Kip Jones, Chad Wagstaff and Doug White offer two types of dentures in Layton and Layton, Utah.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures replace all the upper or lower teeth and are generally used when teeth are lost due to age. Once full dentures are fitted, they can be taken out as necessary. People with dentures often take them out at night because they find it more comfortable to sleep.

Partial Dentures

These smaller dentures can replace one tooth or several teeth that are missing from the same area. Again, these are used to fill in the gaps often left by damaged teeth. Dentures can be made out of a wide variety of materials. They can be plastic, metal or a mixture of the two.

Getting Full Dentures Fitted

If you need complete dentures fitted for the upper or lower teeth, you will first need to remove any of the teeth left over in your upper or lower jaw. A dentist or oral surgeon will typically complete this procedure under general anesthetic. The procedure can take some time. Once the teeth have been removed the full dentures will be fitted on the same day. This means that patients are never left without teeth, even for a short period of time.

However, it is important to realize that if teeth have been removed for dentures, the bones and gums will move and reshape themselves. As such, it’s likely that the dentures will need refitting or even need to be replaced after over time.

Getting Partial Dentures Fitted

Partial dentures are a great deal smaller and simpler to place than complete dentures previously mentioned. Partial dentures, designed to fill a hole where teeth have been lost are commonly held in place with clips that attach to the surrounding teeth. The material for these clips can be the same color as the teeth making them less noticeable. However, in some cases, a firmer clip is needed which may not completely blend in with the rest of the mouth. Partial dentures can be easily removed by unclipping them and are an alternative to a bridge. The benefit of a partial denture is that the surrounding teeth are not affected in any way.

Living With Dentures

Some people find that dentures feel a little strange at first, but patients always grow accustomed to them. They are certainly useful and will make chewing food easier. During the first few weeks or months, you will need to wear your dentures full-time. This is to ensure they continue to fit and that your mouth continues to adjust to them. You will need to keep your dentures in, even through the night. However, eventually, you will be able to take them out as you please. If you to take your dentures out, they need to be kept moist, and this is why they are commonly kept in a glass filled with water. Denture tablets can help clean then while they soak.

You still need to brush your mouth as much as you used to when you have dentures. Gums need to be kept clean to avoid the possibility of gum disease and to stimulate the blood flow. If you have partial dentures, you need to continue to brush your remaining teeth twice a day.

Your dentures will need to be cleaned and brushed separately to remove any food residue or other materials. This will ensure that you don’t have bad breath and again, limit the chances of tooth decay or gum disease. If you get your dentures from Pro Edge Dental, we will be able to advise you on how to effectively clean them.

Dentures are a simple, removable option to fill in the spaces left by lost teeth. Please contact us at 801-546-5331 today to learn more. We are happy to speak to any patients interested in this option.